A manufacturer and distributor of fermented fish sauce.

Started from making fermented fish for family of Father Sanan and Mother Thongsuk Sriyotha in 1967, the recipe has been passed down on to the next generation, Father Uthai and Mother Boonlum Prirueng, under the name of “Phetdam Ka Plara”

Later in 2014, Phetdamfoods Company Limited was founded and the first prooduct was fermented fish sauce under the brand "Maeboonlam", a good quality product of Kalasin Province that produced sustainable income for the villagers in the surrounding communities. It was developed into sustainable product according to international standard which eventually became one of the national export products.

With experiences that has been passed down from generations to generations for more than 40 years, a secretly and meticulously formulated recipe gives the fermented fish sauce " Maeboonlam " brand a uniquely delicious taste, good smell, and satisfaction fromThai people's mouth until now.

The company has a strong commitment to continually research and develop new products to meet consumer satisfaction under the international standards such as FDA standards from the Food and Drug Administration, GHPs, HACCP Codex from SGS of Thailand,
GMP standards, HACCP standards from the Department of Fisheries, FDA standards of the USA, and HALAL standards for Muslims
to consume with confidence. We promise to maintain product quality and continue to develop a variety of products under the brand
" Maeboonlam" in order to be one of the ingredients that help create deliciousness and happiness in every household, both Thai and foreign.
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